Mozaik Wall Art

The mosaic is derived from the word mosaic (/ mōzā-ik /) which is a noun, is an image or pattern produced by the preparation of small and colored pieces of material such as stone, ceramic or glass. Today sometimes the term mosaic is also used in a broad sense as in other fields which are defined as the formation of smaller pieces such as series of events, literary collections, and others.

The definition of mosaic more fully (quoted from Wikipedia) is an art to creating images composed of small and colored pieces of materials such as glass, stone, or other materials. The mosaic may be a decorative art technique or an aspect of decoration in the interior of a building. These small pieces of material, generally square, are composed of stones or glasses of various colors called tesserae (or tessellae), then used to construct a pattern to form an image. In modern life, mosaic art is already part of the interior design known to many devotees.

Mozaik wall art

Mozaik wall art is an expression of beauty through a small colorful ceramic tile that has been randomly cut as a wall decor of your home. Basic mosaic techniques include applying adhesive to the surface of your project and tapping in a bit mosaic to form an image or a colorful kaleidoscope. Mozaik wall art is divided into several types, among others:

  1. Mozaik wall art: Freestyle

To create this freestyle mosaic, it requires mosaic tiles from broken tiles, glass cabochons, and other small pieces. Thinset is a standard adhesive material used in making outdoor wall art mosaics because it has resistance to other elements. For indoor projects, do not require thin set, but only use Weldbond, E6000 glue or liquid nail polish that can glue well. The trick is to apply glue on a small part of the mosaic, then paste it on your wall. You must leave 1/8 inch of the piece as you attach it to your project. With freestyle mosaics, no pattern is followed. Wait at least 24 hours for the glue to actually attach the mosaic to your wall. To do simple routing, you just spread the material in the cracks between each part. The hardest part about grouting is the cleaning part. You must remove all of your mosaic pieces before it dries or you will experience the risk that the surface of the tiles and ceramics on your wall becomes cloudy. Clean the surface with warm water and sponge until all the grout on the mosaic bit is removed. Wait until it dries and then apply a grout sealer to protect your project from moisture and staining.

  1. Mozaik wall art – mosaic patterned

You can use the same craft mosaic technique to create a patterned mosaic like the freestyle you use. The only difference in the patterned mosaic, you should draw your pattern directly on your wall before you apply glue. You have to work gluing small parts, adding different colors of mosaic tiles or broken tiles to create patterns or drawings.

  1. Mozaik wall art: layered mosaic

Creating a mosaic project is easy if no grouting is required. Mosaic craft techniques are the same principles as other mosaic artworks, but pieces of ceramics, tile and stained glass can be used on your small project like frames. Basically, whatever you can do to create a good wall art mosaic with the traditional way of using thin set and grout, you can already create a layered mosaic. Start by applying glue to the back of your mosaic piece. Strong handicraft glue is the best choice for making a layered mosaic because it is easier to apply. If your layered mosaics will be used outdoors, use liquid nail polish or waterproof adhesive. Glue the mosaic material for your project, tie the pieces to each other you want. Come back to all parts, fill the gap. The result is a 3-D project full of colors and textures, but nothing a grout.

How? Are you interested in mosaic wall art for your home decor?