Vintage Wall Art – Luxury Opt For Beautify Home

Nowadays, there are so many people who call fashion, automotive, home design and photography with “vintage style”. But do you really know the meaning of the word of vintage?

The origin of the Vintage

Vintage generally refers to something old, but the word “vintage” initially has nothing to do with something ancient, dude. Based on the notion of Wikipedia, vintage refers to a time (a year) when a wine is being harvested. The origin of the word itself comes from the word “vine”, which is the Latin meaning drink of fermented wine. The word “vintage” is used when farmers harvest their wines.

Vintage themed objects

Vintage can be interpreted when you refer to a particular context. For example, in a furniture, vintage is synonymous with old and worn furniture models. Not that the furniture items made in the past, but the vintage in the furniture more emphasis on the design of the goods is made with a vintage impression. Vintage furniture more emphasized on making the design.

Vintage Wall Art

The vintage wall art is no less popular by young and old. For those of you who like the wall with a vintage theme, not wrong if you use the vintage wall art as your wall decoration. The vintage designs generally have a base color of brown, beige and gray. To choose a vintage wall art, you do not need to bother to distinguish between the theme of vintage with a minimalist theme, because it is very much different. Are you interested in trying vintage wall art for your home?